End of Life Celebrations and Guidance

Planning for A Loved One


Unexpected death or planning the last stages for a loved one at any age can be a trying time in our lives. It takes patience and understanding of the wishes of all parties involved.



Arrival Events works with individuals and loved ones to provide structure to a sometimes chaotic practice of death.

· Who do you call?

· Where  do you go?

· How do you handle the influx of calls and family showing up?

· How do you write an obituary or is one already written?

This is only a handful of questions and unexpected needs that pop up with the arrival of death. We have found that when there is not a plan it can lead to chaos. This in turn  causes unnecessary stress and even strife among family members at such a fragile time.

Arrival Events eases the stress through communication and restores a level of peace while eliminating most dilemma's. 

Let us help you through this process.